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Meet the Loaners

Meet the Loaner: FOTU, Fabric of the Universe

Wearable art that doesn’t harm the planet. Original bio print$ and fully recycled fabric by @abigaildesign.shandmade in London🍒💋

FOTU was conceptualised by artist Abigail Hodges, motivated by the pressing climate change issues faced by our current society, and the wide and complicated range of emotions these evoke. Building on her background in printmaking and design, Abigail was inspired to create wearable art - original pieces based on emotional responses to climate change, printed onto sustainable fabric used to create stylish and functional pieces.

The clothes themselves are inspired by London’s underground music and nightlife scene. Simple designs which flatter all bodies and prioritise comfort and movement.

Tell us about your brand and how it came to be.

FOTU, or Fabric Of The Universe, is a collection of recycled wearable artwork pieces that originated from a place of frustration for me during the scorching heat waves of 2022. The overwhelming realities of climate change left me feeling immobilised, but I realised I had to do something to redirect and channel these emotions into a positive solution-focussed outlet. The 'Boiling Point' print collection was born—a series of painted and manipulated prints that act as emotional maps, that also highlight the regions in Europe experiencing intense heat. These pieces acted as language, a visual representation of my difficult feelings which I was struggling to communicate.

I decided to host workshops where I could guide others through the same art therapy experience. Where participants could share their climate anxieties and together and channel them into artistic creations. The subsequent prints in the collection emerged from these collaborative efforts and the communal work of those attending the workshops.

I then scoured London to find a way to print these artworks locally on recycled fabrics so that they could be worn in exciting and expressive spaces. I knew I wanted them to be flexible and stretch so one could dance and enjoy themselves in them. Comfort was essential. I found a sublimation process that worked with a mesh made from plastic bottles. The waterless printing and upcycled material meant that innovation could combine with artwork to Create work that could forward sustainable processes.

Seeing people come together through the designs and witnessing the beauty that collective action and open communication can produce was amazing. It's a testament to the power of creativity and the strength of unity in the face of a pressing global issue like climate change. FOTU, born out of frustration, and became a wearable symbol of resilience and hope. It served as a reminder that through art and shared experiences, we can collectively make a difference and showcase the inherent beauty that lies within our combined efforts.

What gets you up in the morning?

Strong coffee. I am not a morning person so I force myself forward. But I’m deeply excited by the concept of creating more interesting and innovative products and creating a space to be able to do this. For me, that moment when you know you've created something beautiful that has the ability to bring joy and conversations it's worth the struggle. I also love people. Maybe it's the fact I want to continue collaborating and building creative relationships that drives me.

If you could borrow anyone else's wardrobe, who would it be?

Defo Camille Martinot Riga’s. Majorly textural, eclectic and fun. I like to be structurally experimental, and enjoy the garish colour palette. I also desperately want to borrow from Luke Neil Studio. I'm obsessed with his oversized coats and attitude!! And of course MADbyMAD. Bioluxury. Absolutely gorgeous innovative otherworldly alien loveliness. I can't get over her palette. Oh and Ellie Misner! Her ‘Toile’ ready to wear collection is so delicate and glam. I am desperate to try a corset. So many! So inspired!

Why is sustainability important to you?

Sustainability is not just a passing trend or a mere option—it is our future. Without a radical reimagining of how we approach materials, waste, manufacturing, and distribution processes, we risk a world devoid of hope. The urgency of this moment calls for immediate action.

I feel the weight of the tremendous power and control over the destiny of our planet. Yet, fear which is often provoked by the way in which mainstream media shows the effects of climate change, leaves us paralysed and disempowered, preventing us from taking the necessary steps towards change. I want to help us break free from this inertia and embrace clarity of thought and proactive problem-solving as a reaction.

My commitment therefore lies in creating spaces and pieces where individuals can actively engage and contribute to solving these pressing issues. I really believe that once we find our own inner power we can create profoundly powerful changes. I want to empower people, to ignite their passion for sustainability, and to demonstrate the transformative potential of working together towards a better future.

What motivates you?

It's hard to put into words, but creating stuff is an inherent need within me. It's like a vital force that keeps me alive and fulfilled. It's actually annoying, because I think it would be easier to survive financially to not need a career in the arts.

Different aspects of my life converge in the motivation for production of my designs. One major source of inspiration for me is fully engaging with the work of my talented friends in various sectors. Take, for example, my involvement in the design side of Hysteria Collective—an exciting alternative underground space for DJs, performance, and arts. Collaborating with them has breathed new life into my own work, and seeing the energy they so freely put behind their mission is super inspiring. I see the same thing in DJ collectives Drum Bus and La Bonne mystique, as well as the artistic prowess of Michael Diamond. Their creativity fuels my own, pushing me to experiment and play.

Not only that, but I draw inspiration from the rave and nightlife scene in London. The energy, the creative freedom, fashion and deconstruction of everyday life. It's otherworldly and very fun. I guess what truly captivates me is witnessing the bravery of those who express themselves and offer their creations for critique. It's an incredibly vulnerable act to publicly showcase oneself, and I'm constantly in awe of those who push through their fears. Their courage fuels my own motivation and drives me to keep pushing boundaries.

We all need a little help along the journey. Who have been some of your mentors? Can you share a story about how they made an impact?

I have dyspraxia and dyslexia and struggle with organisation, and a wonderful disability support officer, Emily Rudagard, from university kindly gave me some of her time once I’d left to help me get off my feet. She helped me develop techniques to fight my instincts for chaos, and create a structure so that I could focus and move forwards with direction. This has been something that I am constantly trying to improve in myself, as staying focussed is never easy. My talented friend Millie Charles Davies also helped me in this area, as just watching the way she works calmly and with self assurance has taught me so much about the way I want to handle myself as a creative forging  a path that works for me.

What are your “5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started” and why?

  1. Noticing and accepting areas that you struggle with and asking help from people with the skills you lack. You don't need to be the perfect marketer, designer, sales person, manager, accountant. You need to know when to ask for help.  
  2. You don’t need to rush ! I was and still am desperate to be at the next step, doing bigger and better things and as I look back over the last year I am realising that it's okay, it will happen, and we need to enjoy the ride.
  3. Be okay with failure. Success requires it. It will not kill you. And it will happen time and time again. In many ways! LOL
  4. The people you have around you, be it family, friends or colleagues, will make or break you. I owe so much to those people in my life that have faith in me when I have none in myself, and can pick me up or tell me to stop when I’m down or overworking. Make sure to cherish these relationships and do not neglect them.
  5. Not to trust everyone. I am very quick to trust in and get excited by every single opportunity that arises, and sometimes things really are too good to be true! It's been a hard lesson and I think approaching everything with a degree of caution and self preservation is something I’ve had to learn. But once you do you can really enjoy those partnerships that are real and truly exciting.

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