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ABOUT LOANHOOD + OUR fashion rental community

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Let's get something straight.

LOANHOOD isn’t a flimsy, greenwashing initiative by a fashion giant designed to distract you while they continue to produce more and more clothing. This is you and this is us joining forces to change the way fashion is done from the ground up. Starting with the clothes already in our wardrobes, we are changing the face of fashion.

We want to fix fashion, but let’s face it we still want our fashion fix and we still want to have fun.

And if that all sounds a bit heavy, don’t worry, it’s ok to be in it for the ‘renting party gear at a fraction of the price’ thing. Or the ‘here for the side hustle thing’ we’re all good with accidental fashion activists.

LOANHOOD is its community

Sure, we’ve built this dope app, but you the people of LOANHOOD bring it to life. You set the style agenda, you create, curate and hustle so that together we can make fashion rental a movement and change the fast fashion narrative. Right now we are a collective of fashion lovers, stylists, students, industry insiders, designers, makers, fashion activists and changemakers.


  • LOANHOOD is collectively reducing fashion consumption

  • LOANHOOD is prolonging the lifespan of clothing by championing creativity and style over newness

  • LOANHOOD is reducing the environmental impact of clothing by collectively increasing the number of times garments are worn

  • LOANHOOD is reducing the cost per wear of garments by enabling you to get a return on your investment through rental


download from the app store
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