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Meet Jamie Holloway founder of NVSGE Studios

Lucy Hall
August 9, 2022

Who is Jamie?
He is a very active guy... I like to climb, I like to go on walks with my dog, Buster, he is a very big part of my life, a muse for me.

How did you get into fashion?
So I nearly joined the navy but due to a technicality I didn't get in which was a lucky escape. I am now taking a 4 year fashion design course at the University of Westminster.

How have you found your studies so far with the pandemic etc.
It's been challenging, coming into an industry that is already so saturated you have to ask yourself is it the right thing to do and if you are going to put something out how can you do it in a sustainable way?

It does presents new design challenges that you need to think around but that's what being a new designer is all about.

Tell us about your brand NVSGE.
The main essence of NVSGE is I like being outdoors! I make gear that functions really well outdoors and that's it is at a very basic level.

At the top level it is very much a raw, human emotion I am expressing. I am making myself very vulnerable as a designer but I am doing it in a way that only I am aware of it.

Cropped reversible vest NSVGE Studios
NSVGE Studios Reversible Vest

What's next for NVSGE?
So far it has been a very individual process for me but I am open to working with other people. I want to set an example of how you can implement sustainable practices into every level of the brand.

With my Rework line we are completely eliminating waste so no fabric gets thrown away and we even take on other designers scrap fabrics as well.

Eventually, I want to go into the industry working for a bigger designer and earning my strips so to speak.

For me its all about diversifying your income so that's why I sell and rent.

You are quite business savvy...
For me its all about diversifying your income so that's why I sell and rent. Analysing what kind of products sell better and not going off on a tangent. For me accessories work really well, so I identify what brings in revenue, what I like producing and making those few items that I become renowned for.

NSVGE Studios Demon Pouch

How do you get your name out there?
I have been taking a guerrilla marketing approach to my brand and I dress my friends who are DJs and insert myself into as many scenes as possible using unconventional marketing ways that actually don't cost a lot.

That's why we have gravitated to LOANHOOD who are putting out a similar energy.

That sounds great, we are all about guerrilla marketing...
It's a skill I acquired outside of school. I spent a lot of time bartending and working at suit shops and that taught me how to sell an item to the customer. You learn to upsell and persuade or just chat to make the customer feel comfortable and inspired by what you're selling.

Who do you design for...
It is very much ungendered. What we are taught in college is a very traditional menswear and womenswear but for me you can definitely get around it and you can adapt and put traditional menswear silhouettes on a woman's body and you get a completely different effect and that's where you get variety.

Gender is such an archaic concept, it seems natural that the industry is going to progress to somewhere that clothing doesn't have a menswear or womenswear label

Which designers inspire you ?
Yohji Yamamoto
Matthew Williams at Givenchy

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Username: @weforgotjamie