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Revamp Your Style, Sustainably: LuinLuland x Loanhood SWAP SHOP Party!

What is a clothes swap shop?

A clothes swap shop is a gathering where people bring clothing and accessories they no longer want and exchange them with others. It provides a sustainable and cost-effective way to refresh your wardrobe without buying new items.

Why shop when you can swap?

Did you know that of the staggering 100 billion garments produced annually, a shocking 92 million tonnes find their final resting place inlandfills across the globe? It means that a rubbish truck full of clothes is dumped into these landfills every second. At the current rate, fast fashion wasteis projected to reach a staggering 134 million tonnes a year by the end of the decade, contributing to over 25% of global carbon emissions by 2050.

In the UK alone, around 1.75m tonnes of clothing and textile waste is created each year and 1.2m tonnes of it ends upin landfill. The average clothing item experiences just 10 wears before it's discarded, contributing to this growing crisis.  

But, there's a solution. We can make a significant impact on reducing textile waste by changing a few behaviours. Rather than discarding clothing, why not embrace the transformative magic of a clothing swap? It's not just about decluttering your closet; it's about redefining your style, connecting with a like-minded community, and taking a stand against the fashion industry's wasteful practices. With each swap, you're breathing new life into garments and ensuring they don't meet a premature end in landfills.

Join us for The Great LuinLuland x Loanhood SWAP Til You MF Drop Party!


1.    Grab a mate or come alone & make a new friend

2.    Buy a ticket (quick) before they go!

3.    Get in your wardrobe & fill a bag or 2 with swaps! Anything you’vebeen meaning to take to the charity shop or doesn’t fit/never did/you’re overit!

All items are welcome!

As well as your daywear& party wear, we welcome coats, bags, hats, sportswear, swimwear,accessories, shoes, gently worn trainers. Any size! Any style! - nothing with stains or with big holes/damage & no old knickers!

Next step: Wash swaps - or make sure they are clean.


Then bundle them in a bag with your name on and deliver to Canvas and Cream, or if you can't make it, DM @luinluland.


Deadline for DROP: 1st November 2023


DropOff Points for your swaps: Canvas and Cream, 18 London Road


Date and time for SWAP: Fri, 3rd Nov 202319:00 – 22:30 GMT


Location: Canvas and Cream, 18 London RoadLondon SE23 3HF


Cocktails! Swapping! DJ!Dancing! Come and join LuinLuland and Loanhood this November! x


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