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Want a Sustainable fashion event in your workplace or community? Here is how to make it happen...

We are super excited to be expanding our events to more communities, corporates and social enterprises in 2023. As you may know we have hosted multiple sustainable fashion events across the UK from South London's Bussey Building to The Briggait in Glasgow, ranging in size from intimate workshops to large scale, multiple-day events.

Rooftop Film Club, Bussey Building, 2022

Sustainable fashion events have gained a lot of attention in recent years, and the B2B (business-to-business) segment of the industry is no exception. So why are sustainable fashion events important and why do you need one in your workplace?  

"The fashion industry emits about the same quantity of green-house gasses per year as the entire economies of France, Germany, and the United Kingdom combined." Mckinsey, 2021

Well we know by working together we can develop innovative solutions to reduce fashion waste and ultimately, our carbon footprint erm hello just look at the good work we have done together on the loanhood app renting out our wardrobes instead of buying new! Big up our community.

LOANHOOD community

So together (yeah that's you and us), we are on a mission to bring circular solutions into everyday life and create a more sustainable future.  We are building a culture around sustainability, not only through your phones with our fashion rental app but your workplaces too. LOANHOOD is taking over y’all..

The Features of Our B2B Pop-Up Events - Fashion Experiences - Charitable Giving - Mentorship Matchmaking

‍So, B2B sounds kind of dry but our events are anything but. If you’ve been to one of our events you know what I am talking about!!

Space By Liquid x Liverpool John Moore University, 2022

We host events that are fun and accessible which are often a gateway to more sustainable lifestyles, offering a platform for us all to come together, share ideas, exchange knowledge, and collaborate on initiatives that champion environmental and social change.

" A sense of belonging starts with culture and purpose" LOANHOOD, 2023

Some say we're experts at creating amazing pop-ups and that is probably because we love what we do. We want to take the stress out of planning and running an event that is catered towards the complexities of sustainability.  

Stand alone pop-ups, whole-day activations or an addition to existing events, we create memorable experiences for clients, employees or communities...

Fun Fashion Experiences

💥 Clothes Swap Shop

💥 Pop-up shops featuring circular fashion

💥 Rental Studios

💥 Workshops e.g. repair, upcycling, screen printing, crochet

Community Connections

🤝 Clothes Drives partnered with charities or local communities

🤝 Mentor matchmaking with fashion startups

Sustainability Education

🌎Panel discussions

🌎Film screenings

🌎Fashion and circular economy exhibitions

🌎Circular economy workshops for your business

In addition to showcasing sustainable fashion brands, hosting clothes swaps and film screenings, our events also feature workshops, talks, and panels on the circular economy.  Our events can be built into company wide sustainable strategies and thread the message of sustainability from customer facing brand to internal employee engagement. Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk.

"Lucy, Jen and Jade have a deep knowledge of the topic and create strong interactions with our residents about the needs to move into circular models. They are very professional and friendly, the feedback from our residents was always extremely positive" Manuela Romeo, Hackney Council, 2022

How You Can Get Involved -  Want our pop up event in your workplace or community?

Who needs to hear this message? Suggest someone from your workplace via our form or to find out more and enquire about simple, bespoke events and packages contact

Creating a culture around sustainability is a critical step towards creating a more sustainable future for all.

Previous clients include:

Matches Fashion - The Shard HQ

Hackney Council - Multiple Locations

Fashion Roundtable - The Curtain, Shoreditch

Rooftop Film Club - The Bussey Building, Peckham

Hubbub - The Brigait, Glasgow

Space by Liquid x Liverpool John Moore University - Baltic Triangle, Liverpool

Kensington & Chelsea Council - Multiple Locations

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