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Meet the Loaners

Becky Tong

Photography by Nic Ford shot virtually

As part of our Ready Your Wardrobe campaign we wanted to introduce some of our future Loaners. Post lockdown we will be launching our rental arm of LoanHood where you can upload individual items or entire looks, browse the LoanHood library and rent within our fashion community.   We believe that all items deserve a second chance to be loved and worn so there is no minimum price for items and no sign up charges. We’re all about inclusivity especially when it comes to saving items from landfill.
Meet the first in this series, DJ and Juicebox Founder, Becky Tong. We chatted to her at home (of course!) and set up a virtual photoshoot to give all our Loaners a glimpse into her rental wardrobe. You’re welcome!

Becky: I am lucky enough to do what I love, I have my own music company Juicebox which focuses on managing artists and being a label. We also offer PR and creative services. It’s around 4 years old now. In my spare time I love to do things with my hands whether it’s painting, drawing, planting or tie dying. I love food and a supporter of the plant based movement, I also love the sunshine and sweaty raves.

How has COVID-19 affected you?

At first it was a real shock and we all had to dig deep. It’s had a big effect on the music industry this year, with all live events and gigs being cancelled. Now I am trying to see the positives in it. I definitely feel more connected to myself and inspired to try some different things. 

Where are you isolating? 

My flat in Kensal Green. I didn’t used to love it that much but I’ve learnt to really appreciate this space in this time. 

If you could borrow anyone else's wardrobe, who would it be? 

Stephanie Broek has amazing pieces, I am always looking at her for outfit inspo. 

I would also love to go into Chloe Sevingy’s wardrobe and steal everything. 

Do you have a favourite item of clothing and if so tell us what and why…

It sounds crazy, but I think my favourite item is a pair of tracksuit bottoms. The items I chose for this piece are more vintage classic pieces I wear on special occasions that I would never get rid of. 

Who has influenced you?

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen. When I was growing up I would spend too much time making mood boards of all their outfits. Their homeless chic was literally everything to me. 

How would you dress your alter-ego?

I sort of wish I was Pattie Boyd or Jane Birkin, but I don’t have the hair or figure to pull it off, if I was flat chested and had hair down to my bum, I would be a Woodstock esque hippy. 

What app can’t you live without?


Which shops/brands do you rely on? 

I love brands like Ganni & Baum Und Pferdgarten. Ganni - I want all the dresses. Baum always have amazing classics, I have my eye on a short suit ATM. I am also a bit of a sucker for everything Ralph Lauren, their archive is immense. 

What would you do if you were Mayor for the day?

I wish London was more like Amsterdam, less cars more bikes, I would love to have 50% less cars on the road. I also would love there to be more tree’s & more nature everywhere to make the air cleaner and fresh. 

Becky Tong-20.jpg

Name one of your most daring moments?

Not sure if this is daring, I remember a pretty hilarious moment from end of last year though, I had been out drinking in LA the night before, chasing a guy that wasn’t the one, anyway, the next day woke up deflated and hungover. My friend wanted to cheer me up and drove me to our favourite breakfast spot, I felt so sick and horrendous. On the drive over I told her I was going to vomit, she was adamant I didn’t do it in her car so she did an emergency stop on the highway and I threw up on the side of the road. Afterwards I felt amazing and carried onto breakfast as if nothing had happened. The feelings about the guy I was so bothered about was left on the side of the highway too. 

How do you think the sustainable fashion movement will be affected post COVID-19?

I think people are wanting to be smarter with their money now more than ever. I know I have been! I’ve been looking at my wardrobe and looking to fix things and give them new life rather than chuck them. I also look at my wardrobe now and think what is missing, rather than buying the same sort of thing. I know I have a jumper addiction so I don’t need any more of those for 10 years! I also always pass clothes onto friends now rather than chuck away, I never want anything to not get worn! I think we all need to keep supporting small brands and buying interesting things. 

Who do you admire? 

I admire a lot of people, today it’s one of my best friends birthdays who has kept me going with nothing but pure BANTS during quarantine!

One tip for our audience…

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, I’ve been giving this one out a lot recently. I think there is this ethos that we all need to be super productive and killing the game the whole time. Don’t worry and take it easy, it’s important we’re kind to ourselves so we can be kinder to others. 

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