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A Local's Guide to Liverpool

As we head to Liverpool for our next Fashion Rental Studio we could think of no better person to as to spill the tea on what not to miss in than Hannah Spilsbury. One of our OG Loaners Hannah, 23 content creator and a lover of all things pink spills the tea on what not to miss in Liverpool. Over to you, Hannah...

Liverpool is a hot spot for fashion, bars, shops and everything in between, it's almost like a miniature version of London.

In terms of fashion, Liverpool has so much to offer, charity shops and vintage stores being my GO TO shops and if we’re talking online I LOVE to use LOANHOOD rental app, providing pieces that I can rent for a fraction of the price AND being sustainable in the process, what else can you ask for!

One of my favourite places to go for a drink is the Merchant, this is a small idyllic bar just off Bold Street that has the coolest vibes ever and attracts very unique people. And, for those coffee drinkers I LOVE Bold Street Coffee, it’s a small inviting coffee shop that provides all the vibes and is located on the famous Bold Street.

As a fashion fanatic, I take a lot of inspiration from my city. Merseyside also has a huge creative culture and a new music magazine called Bido Lito. This simply introduces all of the fashion and music vibes you need all in one place.

Liverpool is a vibrant city full of high-spirited individuals all hoping to make the city more safe and inclusive. As an openly gay woman, Liverpool has definitely given me the confidence to be the self loving, assertive individual I am and without this support I would not be living my life being my true self.

Heebie Jeebies
I used to go every Thursday for student night – £2.50 doubles – nuff said

Charity shop
British heart foundation - Bold Street, obvs

Vintage store
SOHO bold street – 3 items for £20 – Bargain

Gig Venue
Arts club
(very popular to scouses) I used to be a regular at a night called Shit Indie Disco

For The Vibes
Baltic market and the Peaky Blinders bar

Local must have food
It's deffo - roast dinner or cheese'n'chips

Who to follow
@Luxebykate @_Searchforsunshine @Ellaolivia.xo @Loisvictoriaholt @Jessicarose_hw @Natalie_mcccc @Charityshopgirlcsg

Well that's got us excited about visiting Liverpool, one thing's for sure it's going to be BOSS!

LOANHOOD Fashion Rental Studio is coming to Liverpool on October 15th. The event is co-hosted by Space Liverpool and John Moores University Liverpool.

You can expect find an exciting selection of clothes from emerging talent (think fashion student and recent grads), indie brands and choice pieces from personal wardrobes. You can try on the clothes, snap fro your socials, rent on the day or save to your wishlist for later.

New to LOANHOOD? Need help getting started? No problem, the team will be on hand to help. Seen something on the app but not sure how it all works? We can help with that. Want to learn more about making money renting out your own clothes? We can tell you all about it. Need help photographing your clothes? Well, you're in luck, the event is in a photography Studio so... we can help with that too. In fact you can book dedicated time slot to shoot your garms.


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