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What to rent out on LOANHOOD

Jen Charon
July 28, 2022

What to rent out on LOANHOOD

Want to set up a your fashion rental rail but not sure what clothes you can rent out? Start with what you have. Take a look in your wardrobe and find the clothes your friends ask to borrow or the clothes that always get you compliments.

LOANHOOD is curated by you. You can list clothes on your rental rail as menswear, womenswear, ungendered or any combination of the three.

What are borrowers looking for?

Something that puts hearts in their eyes. Coveted brands, rare vintage, uncommon colours and experimental styles. Rental offers Borrowers great value for more expensive clothes or wear it once looks for festivals, parties, ski trips or weddings but also the chance to experiment with their personal style. We’re seeing Loaners upload cult and designer brands alongside high street, vintage, preloved, upcycled, handmade and sustainable fashion.

It’s not just about renting occasion wear, it’s about sharing your style and creativity

A major flex on LOANHOOD is that as well as uploading a single killer item to rent out you can also style together two or more items rent out as a look. Using the Loan a Look feature gives you the space to show off your creativity. The clothes you’ve curated and the way you style them together. This offers Borrowers something unique, something they can only get from you. Got a vintage blazer that looks sick with a new mock croc micro bag? Only you can offer that look.

Can brands list on LOANHOOD?

LOANHOOD was built for people to rent out their own clothes, but yes, LOANHOOD works for small brands too. We know so many of you set up your own brands during lockdown, making your own designs in small batches. We see you, you are a really important part of a healthy sustainable fashion system and rental is a really great way to reach a wider audience and get repeat income on your hard work.

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